Popina Canteen Reopens on Granville Island With Drool-Worthy Menu of Comfort Foods

The GOODS from Popina Canteen

Vancouver, BC | Popina Canteen at Granville Island has reopened to offer a limited menu of sandwiches and burgers, fries, Puffcream and drinks, including wine, beer and bottled cocktails. Food is available for takeout, or delivery via Door Dash and Uber Eats, from 12pm to 6pm Wednesday to Sunday.


Grass Fed BC Beef Cheeseburger $12

Double Cheeseburger $15

Crispy Free-Run Chicken Sandwich $13

House Made Falafel Sandwich $12 (VE, GF buns +$1.5)

East Coast Lobster Roll $26

Fried Fish Sandwich $14

Hammer’s Hot Chicken (Saturday and Sunday only) $13


Shoestring fries, $4


Fish and Chips (GF): 1 pc, $15, 2 pc, $19)


Violet B: Freeze dried blueberries with corn flake crunch

Barista: Espresso and turbinado sugar crumb, Ecuadorian cocoa

Malteser: Crushed chocolate-covered malted milk balls

Hubby: Hard-shell chocolate sauce, pretzels and peanut butter

Old Fashioned: House-made sea salt toffee sauce and toasted slivered almonds

Bees Knees: Chicago mix popcorn and honey

Hundreds and Thousands: Candy sprinkles toasted with cocoa nibs

Nutzo: Crushed Oreo cookies and a Nutella centre

Turkish Delight: Pistachio, crumb saffron, syrup



Mayhem, pinot gris, $35
Bartier Bros, merlot, $35
Joie Brut, sparkling, 1/2 bottle, $28


Pale Ale, Powell Street Brewery, Ode to Citra (473ml), $8
Lager, Powell Street Brewery, Hoi Polloi (473ml), $8


Paloma, $12
Dark ‘n’ Stormy, $12
Gin & Tonic, $8
Vodka Soda, $8
Popina Bottled Water, $3
Sparkling Water, $3.25


Coca Cola, Ginger Ale, Root Beer

ABOUT POPINA CANTEEN | Opened in the summer of 2018, Popina Canteen is the collaboration of four of Vancouver’s top chef-owners: Angus An, Robert Belcham, Hamid Salimian, and Joël Watanabe. It’s fast food made better, with high-quality ingredients plucked directly from local market stalls and fishing nets, transformed into crave-worthy burgers, sandwiches, salads, cocktails and more. Popina Canteen anchors the northwest corner of the Island, boasting a dockside patio and bar with a spectacular view of scenic False Creek. Find Popina Canteen on the Ferry Dock, northwest of Granville Island’s produce market.

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