Odd Society Spirits Rallies Community Support to Produce Hand Sanitizer For Donation

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Vancouver, BC | Local East Vancouver craft distillery, Odd Society Spirits, has been able to increase production of its hand sanitizer designated for donation to not-for-profits and essential services thanks to a heart-warming outpouring of support from the community.

Odd Society Spirits has been producing hand sanitizer from distilled ethyl alcohol (ethanol) since the beginning of March. It started with a 20 L batch used to fill 375 mL glass bottles and donated them to not-for-profit organizations within the community who were in need. Odd Society received countless requests but were unable to complete them due to a lack of key ingredients including glycerin and peroxide, as well as smaller bottles needed to aid in stretching its supply in order to reach more people. Odd Society put out a call out on social media on March 18, 2020, for assistance sourcing scarce ingredients and plastic bottles, and the community responded!

“The first 10 days of starting this project were challenging as we could not get our hands on the products we needed due to supply shortages,” explains Joel McNichol, distiller at Odd Society Spirits. “But, we put out a call and have since received many generous offers to help us try and meet the need.”

Over the course of three weeks, individuals and organizations have been contacting the distillery with offers of support. Odd Society Spirits founders, Gordon Glanz and Miriam Karp, have been connected to suppliers and received bottle donations, offers of services and requests to pre-purchase sanitizer for donation to the city’s most vulnerable. They have been able to increase production to 800 L and have donated 400 L to date and will continue to donate as long as the need exists.

Odd Society Spirits is grateful for the support from the following generous individuals, small businesses and organizations:


Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP

Happy Planet Foods Inc.

Harlow Skin Co.

David Arias Design Studio Inc.

Altro Labels

Crispin Cannon Photography

Odd Society Spirits also received official approval from Health Canada this week to make hand sanitizer for essential services and not-for-profit organizations, as well as resale. The Odd Society Spirits hand sanitizer recipe is based on Word Health Organization guidelines and is 70% ethyl alcohol by volume and contains water, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide. The hand sanitizer is available in small 90 mL bottles as well as in bulk for refilling. Odd Society is hoping to produce sanitizer for retail and personal use in the near future but ingredients are still in short supply and there is a backlog of requests from the frontline to fulfill.

About Odd Society Spirits | Odd Society Spirits is a small-batch B.C. craft-certified distillery located in the heart of East Vancouver. Dedicated to combining old-world distilling traditions with new-world ingredients and ingenuity, Odd Society Spirits has created a family of spirits that entice and intrigue. Open Thursday through Sunday, Odd Society Spirits distillery and cocktail lounge is located at 1725 Powell St., Vancouver, B.C.

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