Sun, The

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Welcome to the Vancouver Lexicon. Its purpose is to pin down the patois of the City of Vancouver by recording its toponyms, nicknames, slang terms, personalities, places, and other Van-centric things. Full A-Z here.

Sun, The | media | Local shorthand for our city’s daily newspaper, the Vancouver Sun. Because what could be more characteristic of Vancouver than a broadsheet named after the thing around which everything revolves? The paper has had its ups and downs since its launch in 1912, enduring fire, changes of address, sales, mergers, and the debilitating arrival of the internet. And yet despite all its troubles (cost crunches, deep staff cuts, circulation drops) and occasionally stupid decisions and embarrassing ‘angry grandpa’ op-eds, it is still staffed by a dedicated cadre of truth-seeking journalists and thus remains a vital fixture of our media landscape. Long may it run.

Usage: “Sometimes I read The Sun and want to burn it in anger, but then I imagine Vancouver without a daily paper and get even angrier…”

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