On Bad Days With Champagne Towers and Restaurants That Love MAGA Hats

Vinepair looks at the problem with ‘top five’ lists and the nuances missed when we water down the talents of women in traditionally male-dominated fields like distilling.

“Recognizing the accomplishments of women and other minorities should be our first step, not our finish line. We need to explore the politics of being first, and the intense scrutiny that accompanies every freshman class, from distilleries to the U.S. Congress.”

Opening soon! In case you missed it: Nigerian street food restaurant Arike is set to open in the former Grotto on Davie Street.

And speaking of openings, coffee pop-up Ca Phe Vietnamese Coffee House has opened in Chinatown. It offers four distinct varieties of Vietnamese coffee plus delicious baked goods.

One more! Container Brewing will be launching on Franklin Avenue in Strathcona this summer.

Mamie Taylor’s will be hosting a Wild Feast this April — a 9-course dinner featuring food ethically sourced and foraged in BC. All proceeds will go to wildlife conservation efforts in the province.

How one restaurant owner is responding to a mental health crisis within his community and supporting others in the industry to do the same.

A party, a string quartet, a bunch of Russians and a Champagne tower made of martini glasses — what could possibly go wrong?

Here are a few spots around town where you can enjoy a taste of the BC-distilled Seaside Gin from the folks at Vancouver Island’s Sheringham distillery, which was just named #1 in the world in its category.

Trump fans have created their own version of Yelp (so they can visit restaurants while wearing their MAGA hats without being harassed or kicked out).

More than a year after allegations surfaced of sexual misconduct, Mario Batali has finally divested from his restaurants.

In a follow-up to last week’s news about some new restaurants heading to YVR, the union representing service industry employees at the airport is raising some concerns around job security.

How Oregon winemakers are embracing grapes affected by the 2018 wildfires.

Liquor.com wonders if it’s the responsibility of beverage journalists to do a better job of addressing issues of social justice in their reporting.

Laura Delarato on both loving her body and dealing with food shame and societal stigma for having a plus-sized figure:

“I’m floored by body-positive Instagram posts that would have me believe that one day I’ll wake up and my food shame will be washed away, that I’ll be a confident person without being plagued by negative food thoughts. That’s just not going to happen for me or for a lot of other people. So I’ve been trying to remind myself that loving my body and working through these food issues are not mutually exclusive.”

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @anothervancityfoodie and Estrella’s perfect bread-to-meat ratio:

Tonight marks the beginning of the end of a truly awful season of The Bachelor so it’s only fitting that The Takeout asks the bachelor himself if a hot dog is a sandwich.

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, The Daily Beast rounds up some of the most notorious Irish bars in America.

An analysis of Vincent Van Gogh’s (self-declared) ugliest paintings and how the colours in Night Cafe are meant to evoke our own anxieties.

A review of a recently opened cocktail bar in Brooklyn that has placed sustainability at the core of its operations.

Speaking of interesting things east, fourteen chefs just shared their picks for New York’s most underrated restaurants.

Drawing inspiration from the local drag community, industry pros Olivia Povarchook and Tiago de Souza Jensen are creating cocktails fit for a queen!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Thirsty Magazine highlighted some amazing women in the beverage and spirits industry.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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