Chinatown’s Mamie Taylor’s Is Once Again Open For Business

The GOODS from Mamie Taylor’s

Vancouver, BC | Following this morning’s Vancouver Coastal Health inspection of the commissary kitchen on its premises, Mamie Taylor’s is once again open for business.

The Chinatown restaurant was closed yesterday following an alleged incident earlier this week in which a rat was found in a bread bowl of chowder purchased at another Vancouver restaurant, Crab Park Chowdery. A subsequent Instagram post by the customer then went viral.

At the time, Crab Park Chowdery made its soups in the commissary kitchen on the basement level of the Mamie Taylor’s space. Meanwhile, Mamie Taylor’s operates exclusively out of the open-plan kitchen on the main floor.

In the six years Mamie Taylor’s has occupied this location, we’ve never had a situation such as this occur, either in our restaurant kitchen, or with any other tenant of our commissary kitchen.

This unfortunate incident has made clear to us that we cannot rely on those businesses who lease our commissary kitchen to uphold the same standard of excellence as Mamie Taylor’s. As such, we will no longer lease commissary kitchen space to other restaurants and have severed business ties with Crab Park Chowdery.

We are open as of this afternoon, Saturday, December 29, 2018.

ABOUT MAMIE TAYLOR’S | At the vanguard of the Vancouver’s reinvigorated Chinatown culinary scene, Mamie Taylor’s is a modern American restaurant specializing in imaginative, regional comfort food with a killer cocktail list. We also have taxidermy.

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  1. Good! If anybody had read the full initial report they’d see that the chowdery had a rat infestation for almost a year that was confirmed by the health and safety board. And how in the world do they scoop a rat into a tiny bread bowl without noticing?! Mamie taylors is an incredible establishment, I’ve personally seen how clean their facilities are as I’m a regular customer and have gotten to know Ron as such. The owner and staff treat the establishment as their baby, and are incredibly selfless and responsible people.