East Hastings’ Campagnolo Roma is Closing

It’s never fun to get word that a place you enjoy is closing, but such was the case over the weekend when I learned East Hastings’ Campagnolo Roma (sister restaurant to Campagnolo on Main Street) is not long for this world.

Chef/owner Robert Belcham reached out with the sad news, explaining that while the restaurant was doing fine from a numbers perspective, staffing was getting more difficult and food costs weren’t very helpful. Rather than increasing prices or compromising the quality of the ingredients, he felt that selling was his best option.

The last day of service for the Roman-inspired Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood restaurant will be November 8th, so be sure to slip in for a final cacio e pepe or pizza soon.

  • Campagnolo ROMA
  • Campagnolo ROMA
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  • Campagnolo
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  • Campagnolo ROMA
  • Campagnolo ROMA
  • Campagnolo Roma
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  • Campagnolo Roma Pizza
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There are 4 comments

  1. I will be so sad to see it go…we love stopping here and had the most amazing mushroom and kale pizza there last night…it’s such a cozy lovely place 🙁

  2. Too bad….the Pizza’s here rival (or beat) any in the city….especially with that fennel/chilli oil!

  3. Oh man that sucks! Had many many fabulous meals there over the years. So sad to see it go. Lovely place lovely staff lovely food. Will miss having a quality cozy local. Thanks Roma for being there while you were!!!

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