Celebrated Brewery Within a Brewery Added to Craft Beer Atlas of Vancouver

The Craft Beer Atlas of Vancouver will keep you informed not only on where your beer scene is going but also on where it has been. We’ve plotted local tastings rooms, restaurants with extensive tap lists, craft beer-friendly liquor stores, and fascinating brew-centric points of interest on a zoomable map that functions as well on your phone as it does on your desktop. The ever-evolving A-Z of our city’s relationship with beer aims to encourage locals and visitors to responsibly explore every facet – both past and present – of our little corner of the brewing world. Enjoy it, responsibly!

Just added to the ever-expanding Craft Beer Atlas of Vancouver is Superflux, a cult operation (formerly known as Machine Ales) that brewed small doses out of Callister and Dogwood before finding more settled digs on East Hastings at Strathcona Beer Company in 2017.

Overseen by thirty-somethings Adam Henderson and Matt Kohlen, the yet unheadquartered company (soon to brick and mortar in North Van) has quickly engendered the devoted affections of local beer lovers with several interesting collaborations with bigger players and a diverse string of tasty, often elusive IPA iterations (eg. Colour & Shape, Happyness, Rainbow Machine, Craft Beer is Dead, Barracuda).

In the crowded space that is Vancouver’s craft beer scene, Superflux Beer Company regularly cuts through the clutter with the quality of their limited release beers and quite possibly the most consistently attractive branding of any beer ever brewed in Vancouver.

They have no website, choosing instead to promote/communicate their creations via Instagram, albeit in limited fashion, a practice that likely only adds to their allure.

Note: We’ll change their location in the Atlas when they move in to their new digs.


There are 3 comments

  1. I would think you’ll be doing the same for Boombox Brewing, but I’m just checking… Is that in the works?

  2. Indeed. If I’m not mistaken, Boombox is scheduled to be added to the Atlas next.

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