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CRAFT BEER ATLAS // The Quirky Family Brewery Providing Year-Round ‘Winter’ Flavours

Images via @coastmountainbeer

Scout’s alphabetical Craft Beer Atlas of Vancouver was designed to grow with our brewing scene, so from time to time – like right now – we add new entries.

The second brewing operation to establish itself in Whistler’s Function Junction neighbourhood, Coast Mountain Brewing is a quaint (214-square-metre) family brewery and tasting room, that’s packed with alpine-inspired accents, quirky touches (case in point: their beer flights are equipped with a magnetic shape identifying system) and laid-back Whistler vibes.

Co-founded by Brewmaster and Whistler native, Kevin Winter, and his wife, Angie, the brewery/tasting room officially opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2016. Kevin’s beer passion grew from stovetop home brewing to working his way up the ranks at Whistler’s OG brewery, Whistler Brewing Company, and a stint as Head Brewer at Mission Springs Brewpub, before eventually collaborating with friends and family to open Coast Mountain Brewing. The brewery’s facilities include a small barrel-aging program putting out limited edition seasonal brews, including our to-date favourite Coast Mountain beer (see below).

Favourite beer to date: Aged for more than a year in Chardonnay barrels, and featuring locally grown Naramata peaches, Coast Mountain’s ‘Peach Sour Blonde Ale’ (6.5%) is smooth and slightly tart…and do we detect notes of vanilla?


Coast Mountain Brewing
Region: Whistler
2-1212 Alpha Lake Rd., Function Junction

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