Four Chefs Set to Gather at PiDGiN For Special Alumni Dinner on August 20

The GOODS from Pidgin

Vancouver, BC | In the five years we’ve been open, we’ve been blessed to have some of the most incredible chefs in the city be part of our family. On August 20th, we look forward to having them all back for one night of delicious food, celebrating their tenures as leaders in our restaurant.

Chef Makoto Ono of Mak N Ming, Chef Dan McGee of Au Comptoir, and Chef Shin Suzuki will join Chef Wesley Young at PiDGiN to orchestrate a special meal for those in attendance. Seeing them together for our five year anniversary will be a rare opportunity to experience their diverse approaches to what they translate as PiDGiN.

The four chefs will be collaborating together to create a 5-course meal reflecting their current inspirations and the bounty of beautiful local summer ingredients. Our no strings attached liquor policy will be in effect. You’ll be able to select from our curated pairing menu or beverages of your choice from our regular drink menu. Reserve your spot by purchasing tickets at

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