On Robots That Can’t Cook and New Distractions for Bored Hospitality Workers

The (broken) system at work: the US Supreme Court has just made it harder for restaurant workers to address employer violations such as unpaid wages and tip theft — Eater reports.

A good read on the importance of the Apple Watch as a temporary escape mechanism for people toiling in hospitality.

Wanna peek behind the curtain of chain restaurant menu development? Munchies takes a deep dive into the subject with former corporate restaurant consultant India Mandelkern.

MIT engineeers supplanted chefs with machines to create a fully mechanized kitchen. What could go wrong?

In case you missed it, after a failed attempt to reach a new lease agreement, Bill Robataille’s Tempranillo restaurant in Gastown will close its doors on June 2nd.

This week in questionable research practices: A group of scientists are proposing a study on the effects of high and low sodium diets. The catch? They want to conduct their study on prison inmates…

In the wake of his recent sexual assault accusations, all three of Mario Batali’s restaurants on the Vegas strip will close in the coming months.

The man, the myth, the legend! If you’re looking for something to do tonight, consider heading down to Mamie Taylor’s to pay a visit to former Vancouver barman “H” for what is sure to be an epic guest shift.

It’s most definitely patio season and the folks at The Georgia Straight have a solid round up of some of the best outdoor dining spaces around town.

This week in hilarious food news: The story of a grocery story that censored the “cum” in “Summa Cum Laude” on a graduation cake.

“Those three dashes meant that Jacob — a kid who’d just completed a Christian homeschooling program — had to tell his guests the difference between those two homophones.”

Great news for beer lovers! Parkside Brewery has partnered with Vij’s Bar Manager Jay Jones to create a new India White Ale.

Seeing as Canada is one of the largest consumers of Kraft Dinner, I thought this article on wine and mac and cheese pairing might come in handy!

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @kevifong for this delectable photo snapped during a visit to the recently opened Pokey Okey in Richmond:

New York bartender and activist Ashtin Berry on some concrete steps the hospitality industry can take to work towards increased community accountability.

Further, in the wake of the wrongful arrest of two black men in a Starbucks (and far too many similar incidents) Ijeoma Oluo outlines ways for similar businesses to address implicit racial bias through sustained, intentional practices.

We need to be more intentional in addressing racial bias in our society by finding its roots wherever we encounter it and doing the deep work of integrating racial equity principles, priorities and safeguards into every institution we have.

The curious tale of kombucha and its supersonic rise to healthy beverage stardom.

While The Diamond is a well-established cocktail destination, its food menu has always ebbed and flowed with changing concepts and chefs. Restaurant critic Mia Stainsby heads to the Gastown bar to check out what Chef Kris Barnholden has been cooking up.

The second annual Korean Culinary Competition is set to take place on June 14th at VCC. The winner will go on to compete in Korea against other international competitors.

Bloomberg on the challenges of monetization and recipe ownership in the age of social media.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring

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