Let ‘H Make You at F*cking Drink’ in Chinatown This Monday Night

Well, whaddya know! “H” is coming home, if only briefly. The former Vancouver barman and cocktail educator of legend decamped for Toronto a couple of years ago (and was thus a subject of Shaun Layton’s Expats Revisited column) and will be returning this Sunday and Monday for a Sunday School Reunion and a shift on the wood at Mamie Taylor’s. Check it out:

Sovereign Canada is bringing back one of Vancouver’s most notorious bar personalities for two days of programming. The team at Sovereign have set up a Sunday School Reunion, this coming Sunday, hosted by H to let him take the reigns of his famous bar-education program that fostered learning for so many local bartenders throughout the years. On the following night, May 28th, H will be holding court at Chinatown’s Mamie Taylor’s restaurant pouring cocktails featuring Sovereign Canada’s portfolio of sprits and bitters. Join H and Sovereign Canada at Mamie Taylor’s on May 28th and enjoy hand-crafted cocktails prepared by on of the finest bartenders in the nation. Stop by and join Vancouver’s local hospitality industry for what will sure to be an eventful night full of great friends, great memories, great drinks and, I’m sure, a few choice words along the way.

If you’re interested in attending H’s Sunday School you must RSVP via the Event page on Eventbrite which you can find on both Sovereign Canada’s or the Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association’s Facebook pages.

If you don’t know H, he’s one of the most talented, talkative, creative, opinionated and revered bartenders in the Canadian community. He also happens to be one of the nation’s most highly educated in cocktail history, and he likes to use certain four-letter words quite a fair amount. He’s definitely one-of-a-kind.

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