On Eating Bird Feathers and Lamenting the Loss of a Rotating Tourist Trap

Our weekly compendium of food and drink-related news stories.

Casts and crews from Vancouver-based film and TV productions are engaged in a friendly competition to see who can raise the most money for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Globe & Mail food critic Alexandra Gill digs into Vancouver’s taco scene, stopping at Lucha Verde, Chancho and the new Tacofino.

With the much anticipated return of a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Eater looks at some of the most memorable food moments in the show’s history.

From mooncakes and waffles to six course tasting menus, Business In Vancouver details some new and exciting dining options in the city.

Scientists are trying to develop a method for turning bird feathers into food for the masses. Did the anti-waste food movement just go from the ethical to the absurd?

Our own Shaun Layton shares the most recent instalment of “How to Build a Strong Home Bar” featuring a few choice bottles of mezcal and gin as well as a recipe for the Al Pastor cocktail.

Eater rounds up the best food movies and television shows coming to Netflix this fall, including the most recent season of Portlandia.

The delicious Rouge Burger at East Van’s Bistro Wagon Rouge gets some well deserved praise.

Vancouver lost one of its last tourist trap novelty restaurants this past Saturday as the rotating Cloud 9 restaurant finally stopped spinning. [Ed. note: Don’t worry; there is another, only it’s way more expensive and twice as terrible].

In honour of Yom Kippur this past Friday, NPR looks at the relatively new tradition of breaking the ritualistic fast with an epically large meal as opposed to just a modest snack.

A new addition to the Nomad cocktail menu, Rolling Thunder was created by bar manager Matt Benevoli for the World’s Most Imaginative cocktail competition. Worth a try!

As the extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Maria is revealed, dairy farmers in Puerto Rico are emerging as one of the hardest hit industries on the island.

On a similar note, The New York Times takes a closer look at the effects of Hurricane Maria on broader agriculture and farming industries across Puerto Rico including plantain trees, coffee crops and chicken coops.

While allergic reactions to foods seem to be a growing problem, SAVEUR shares information on a new food challenge that can help you safely determine if you’ve outgrown old allergies.

Not all things are improved by technology but this machine popping up in bars that reportedly creates the perfect highball is certainly interesting

Munchies shares a few stories of traumatic food moments, from whipped cream mishaps to lukewarm sour milk.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to Railtown Cafe in anticipation of upcoming Thanksgiving feasts!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring.

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  1. Gill claims tacos are like finally good here – LOL – you can still get better tacos from a $1 taco truck located off an expressway in California.

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