Everything You Need To Know About The Whistler Village Beer Festival, Sept 14-18


The GOODS from Whistler

Whistler, BC | With its range of festivals and events making it equally attractive in summer and winter, it’s easy to think of Whistler as being in a sort of binary, seasonal balance of hot and cold, but there’s plenty of appeal in the shoulders as well. Case in point: the annual Whistler Village Beer Festival, which is coming up fast, running September 14 – 18. It’s the ultimate expression of Whistler at rest — cold, refreshing craft beer in an outdoor adventure paradise, a five day celebration of quality in the mountains anchored by two days of tastings in Whistler Olympic Plaza.

There are also a variety of interesting beer-themed seminars to attend and a broad range of supporting events (eg. Master CRAFTERS, a tasting reception that features six prominent brewmasters/founders/CEOs from BC and the USA) plus everything from unique cask nights to multi-course food-pairing dinners, not to mention some fantastic parties! There are over 60 breweries participating this year, which translates into 120+ beers to try – including the very best that are being brewed right here in British Columbia – in a welcoming environment that’s open to all.

Whether you’re new to beer or long enamoured by the stuff, the festival has something for everyone, and it’s typically delicious. So get some friends on board and make a trip of it. Get started at whistler.com/beerfestival. There you’ll be able to sort out the many daytime and evening options, stay from only $99 a night, and get all the delicious details for each and every event. There’s a lot going on, even a live concert series at each venue showcasing local bands.

To give you a glimpse of what to expect, check out this video…

It’s the last weekend of the summer, and we can’t think of a better place to spend it than in an outdoor adventure paradise that comes complete with cold, refreshing drinks, live music, and sunshine. Find more information on Whistler Village Beer Festival here, and we’ll see you up there!

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  • Whistler village Beer Festival at Olympic Plaza
  • Whistler village Beer Festival at Olympic Plaza

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