Booooooom Founder Jeff Hamada Shares His Top Three Albums

by Grady Mitchell | Definitive Records asks interesting folks to pick the three albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today we hear from Jeff Hamada, founder of art archive Booooooom

Beastie Boys – Ill Communication | LISTEN | “Someone out there actually has my copy of this album because I got off the bus one day and left it on the seat (I was very upset about this for like a week back in high school). Everyone says Paul’s Boutique is their best work but this one and Check Your Head are the only real choices; they are as punk as they are jazz. Get It Together will be played when they lower my casket.”

Radiohead – Kid A | LISTEN | “It’s crazy to think that it’s already nearly 15 years old and somehow I can still hear new things when I listen to it. Bonus points for the hidden booklet of art underneath the CD tray.”

Blood of Abraham – Eyedollartree | LISTEN | “I feel like I’m breaking some sort of mixtape rule by putting another Jewish rap group on this list but this list will be kinda boring if I only pick albums everyone agrees are classics. Blood of Abraham were a Jewish rap duo mentored by Eazy-E that fell into obscurity. This album is a masterpiece – way ahead of its time. If Beck re-made the first Deltron 3030 record this is what it would sound like.”


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