“East Van Wine Academy” To Pair Wine With Sausages At Chinatown’s Bestie

Bestie is a new restaurant in Chinatown at 105 East Pender St. | 604-620-1175 | www.bestie.ca
Bestie is a new restaurant located in the heart of Chinatown at 105 East Pender St. | 604-620-1175 | www.bestie.ca

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Vancouver, BC | Want to find out why all wine geeks hold Rieslings in such high regard, but wouldn’t know a Spätlese if you tripped over one? Join Kurtis Kolt of the East Van Wine Academy on Sunday, August 18th at 6:00 inside Bestie, “Home of Chinatown’s Finest Currywurst,” and taste through eight German Rieslings that will cover the range from bone-dry to decadently sweet. While touring through a handful of German wine regions, you’ll get a handle on all the important terminology, the various styles of the grape, learn how to make sense of the labels and gain a new appreciation for some of the best-value wines on store shelves today. And even better, you get to try these lip-smackingly delicious wines paired with a half-dozen different sausages while learning just how food-friendly these wines can be. It’s just $40 to taste through eight wines, bump up your wine education, and polish off a couple of plates of the hottest sausages in town. Seats are limited, so be sure to reserve yours today.


105 East Pender St. | 604-620-1175 | Vancouver, BC
Web: www.bestie.ca | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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Clinton McDougall & Dane Brown, co-founders


Bestie is a friendly little sausage and beer parlour in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown. Inspired by German street food, Bestie serves up a selection of finely crafted sausages, hand cut fries, tasty side salads, fresh baked pretzels, and Chinatown’s finest currywurst. We work with master butchers and urban farms, whole ingredients, and sustainably raised meats. We’ve got three curated taps of local beer, some odd German bottles, both colours of wine, and a storied selection of schnapps. Bestie is open for snappy lunches, friendly dinners, late night eats and thirsty visits anytime. Just look for the neon sausage.

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