First Look At The Refinery

Paid a very brief visit to The Refinery tonight, the new project from the Sip Resto Lounge folks (and right next door at 1115 Granville). The soft launch appears to be underway. We would have stayed, but we’d already dined and were on our way to watch the hockey game.

From an email co-owner Peter Raptis sent me a while back, at least back when the working title of the project was MRKT (canned during development).

The room, designed with the environment in mind, has used sustainable materials, LED lighting and energy efficient equipment. Committing to a sustainable work environment, a dedicated bicycle storage area and public transit subsidy are examples of how they are trying to minimize their carbon footprint.

A food primary restaurant and wine bar with a 75-seat capacity will house Granville Street’s only fresh, market-style restaurant. Chef Michael Carter takes pride in introducing elements of charcuterie, cheese culture, cured seafood, fresh breads, antipasti and all things MRKT fresh to the Granville scene. Remaining a step ahead of the competition through exemplary service, great value and the creation of a unique high quality dishes paired with amazing wines and beers from British Columbia and around the world. To commit to the establishment of a sustainable environment MRKT will maintain a majority of local high quality products whenever possible.

We expect our guests to share. Share food, drink and celebrations but more importantly ideas, stories and laughs. A traditional, yet unique, menu and atmosphere will create a sense of ‘belonging’ for locals and tourists alike. At MRKT we are providing an environment that allows our guests to feel carefree and full of life. Giving people the sense gathering in a small village in Europe, while being in their own backyard.

It is the best way to spend time avec amis.

Notable dishes:
Ahi Tuna Confit- roasted bell peppers, Macedonian feta and arugula.
Smoked duck breast – maple roast squash and orange dressing
Goat Cheese brule – roasted baby beets, port glaze, crispy sage
Slow baked Mission figs – crumbled stilton and verjus reduction

Menu prices:
Tasting Plates $5-$30

1115 Granville Street
Downtown Vancouver Entertainment District
Hours 4pm till 12am seven days a week, full tasting menu till 12am
MRKT is a proud Ocean wise partner

Not exactly sure how much of that is still relevant. Perhaps Peter, if you’re reading this, you can fill us in.

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