A Creamy, Bright Burst Of Summer At Campagnolo Roma


Right about now is the perfect time for local tomatoes, and those that come from Milan “The Tomato Man” Djordjevich at Stony Paradise Farms in Kelowna are our favourites, not to mention the most prized among Vancouver chefs. In addition to supplying home cooks with his gems at farmer’s markets (eg. Trout Lake tomorrow), he re-ups revered eateries like Bishop’s, CinCin, La Quercia, Lupo, Cioppino’s, L’Abattoir, Farmer’s Apprentice, Nook, Tableau, and the two Campagnolos (among several others) twice a week. His tomatoes are so good that they tend to “star” – ie. be the feature ingredient – in dishes. Case in point: just a few nights ago we enjoyed every last grain of a creamy, EVOO-drizzled risotto from Campagnolo Roma that came studded with Milan’s sliced sungolds, each bite bursting bright with the evocative, basil-accented tomato taste of late summer. So simple, yet so perfect — the distillation of a season by the forkful. Get it while you still can.

$18 | Campagnolo Roma | 2297 East Hastings | 604-569-0456 | www.campagnoloroma.com


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