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Wallflower To Replace Aurora

our last brunch at the now closed Aurora Bistro - circa last May

Just to stop the rumour mill from continuing to churn out some real doozies, a veteran FOH’er named Lisa Hewlett (ex-Boathouse, Jimmy’s Taphouse) has struck a deal with Aurora owner Jeff Van Geest to take over his former Main St. location (he handed over the keys this morning). The most interesting gossip saw the space landing in the lap of Andrey Durbach and Chris Stewart of Parkside, La Buca, and Pied-a-Terre, but though there was some truth to this (there were talks) it has come to naught. The deal is done.

The new restaurant, dubbed The Wallflower Modern Diner, will focus on accessible, health-conscious diner fare with some of the recipes coming from Hewlett’s own grandmother. Renos sound like they’ll be light to moderate, with very little in the way of structural modifications (if any at all). Opening day is slated for some time in January.

“We’re trying to bring something to the community that will be a good fit” Hewlett told me over the phone this afternoon. Diner food sounds about right these days.

We wish both Lisa and Jeff the best of luck.

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  1. Good luck to both. I am sad that Aurora Bistro is gone but happy something is taking it over. I just hope it isn’t another hipster hang out. My neighbourhood is overrun with them enough as it is!

  2. Narrow Lounge. The Cascade. Habit. Ping’s. Gene. Soma. Foundation. Zocalo.

  3. Congratulations Lisa! For years you have brought your talents and skill to so many local venues-I can’t wait to see what you will do with your own place. I will be counting down the days until your Opening, though I have the sneaking suspicion that The Wallflower will turn out to be quite the contradiction to its namesake!

  4. Wow, Mark – all those restaurants are pretty diverse. What makes them hipster hangouts if they’re all so different?

  5. Congrats Lisa! Can’t wait to taste what you are cooking up! I know this is going to be a huge success for you!

  6. Everyone loves a diner, with a healthier spin on it I think this restaurant will do well in Mount Pleasant. I’m sure that anyone not wanting to wait in line at Foundation will be pleased with what they find across the street.

  7. […] Wallflower Modern Diner opened last night at 2420 Main (formerly Aurora Bistro). The diner concept is going to see something of a renaissance this year, with the recession-weary and cash-worried looking for cold comfort for change rather than hot air for a cool breeze, and this place looks to fit the bill. The menu is about 80% straight-up comfort food. Think pot pies, poutine, French onion soup, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmesan, burgers, wings, nachos, and Reubens. Prices are in the $7 to $15 range. Total sweetspot territory. […]

  8. i am very excited to try out this new resturant i am so proud of Lisa. i hope there is a family discount just joking. best of luck to the new diner owners

  9. very delicious food and a great selection to choose from. i enjoyed the light music, and the owner even came to greet us. i highly recommend this resturant.