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The Parkside Brewery’s Sam Payne Takes Us on a Musical Joyride

Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to scour their sonic-led memories to pull out the three albums anchoring their musical tastes.

This time we head to Port Moody’s Parkside Brewery to pick co-owner Sam Payne’s brain about music. His selections pay homage to the mid-90’s Hip Hop of his high school and early college years; provide the soundtrack for the most memorable party of his life to date; and soundtrack three of his most valuable relationships (including between him and his then-girlfriend and now-wife, Kim). But before we get press play, here’s a bit more musical backstory about Payne, as he tells it…

“As an 80’s kid (born ‘77) and a youngest child, I was exposed to most of my early music by my older brother, Mike, and my sister, ‘Zed’. I’d play original Nintendo in my brother’s room deep into his Bob Marley collection and Springsteen records, or I’d overhear the Turtles, The Beatles and Madonna outside my sister’s room, which I was almost always locked out of. I think it’s important to have a heavy dose of respect for music of any genre and I still have love for Bob and Bruce…”

Dave Matthews Band | Under The Table and Dreaming

“I went to The Gorge with a group of friends in 1999 who were going to see a band I didn’t know anything about… and I had an awesome time. I went down and just partied for 3 days; I didn’t even go to a show. We had a crew of about 20, all of us wearing numbered softball jerseys like a sponsored coed drinking team. We talked to everyone at The Gorge that weekend; we were very charming and witty. It was the classic road trip for me – euphoric really – the right place at the right time. 10,000 of the warmest and friendliest people all drinking in a field together for an entire weekend and it turns out I loved the music. I heard a lot of Dave that weekend and purchased Under The Table and Dreaming when I got home. This CD played on repeat as I painted houses in between years when I was in college and set me forever as a Dave Matthews Fan. My Wife and I walked down the aisle to Dave – Dave Rules.”

Outkast | Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik

“Senior Basketball at Kits High – ‘showing off my tattoo thought I was cool’ (“Git Up, Get Out”). The tattoo I got in high school wasn’t that cool (and still isn’t) but this was and still is the CD I played the most during my Grade 12 year (alongside “Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde”). This CD was such a big deal to my friends and I. It was different than the West Coast vs East Coast ‘kill/death/murder’ lyrics that dominated rap at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I listened to it all and loved it at the time, but Outkast gave my friends and I something we could relate to more. Southernaplayalisticadillacmuzik was driving our parents’ cars around, playing basketball all day and trying to meet girls (while also having no idea what to say to girls). Andre from Outkast was something I hadn’t ever heard before…so creative, smart and fun. I still listen to it often and ‘Player’s Ball’ lives on the playlist at The Parkside Brewery.

Daniel Wesley | S/T
The Boom Booms | Hot Rum!

“Yep I’m that guy, breaking the rules…but here’s why: It’s personal. I have gotten to know these talented, humble and generous people over the past decade. We have supported each others’ shows and events, and we even put on our own shows together (shout out to Prevail – 100% The Host w/ The Most). Getting to be a part of these shows with musicians you were already genuine fans of was a great experience. I was always grateful that Kim and I got to see both/either artists play fairly often because she loved the music too. I have played these two specific CDs so much and I continue to play them so much. These are go-to albums for me, great music by great people.”

Neighbourhood: Port Moody
2731 Murray St.

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