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Once Mighty Voya At The Loden Closes Its Doors For Good

A few months ago I made note of the fact that Voya in the Loden Hotel had quickly gone from one of the city’s most promising restaurants to one that was in big trouble (read the whole thing here). Well, they’re finished. Voya has closed and won’t re-open again, at least not as Voya. If all goes according to plan, a new restaurant will be taking its place in the Spring of this year (which probably means next Fall). I’m told it’ll be a re-imagining of a French bistro, and that Marc-Andre Choquette will be at the helm, and that hotel guests are now being given vouchers to dine at the Glowbal Group’s restaurants.

There are 5 comments

  1. Can we get the owners to trade Marc-Andre to Elixir in exchange for Peter Girges?

  2. You should pass this link along to the Loden’s in-house Tripadvisor review writers–they’re still talking up Voya in their fresh daily “consumer” reviews

  3. That’s a damn shame. I was more a fan of the bar than the kitchen, but you’ve gotta admit, that was one gorgeous place. It really was an exquisite little box, and such a wonderful change from the generic Vancouver Black-Lacquer-And-Beige-Marble look. You could easily picture Nick and Nora plotting out their latest case at one of the tables, probably the one next to Garbo.