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Terra Breads




Fifth Ave Bakery + Café | 604-873-8111 | 53 5th Ave | Vancouver, BC
The Village on False Creek Café | 604-877-1183 | 1605 Manitoba St. | Vancouver, BC
Kitsilano Bakery + Café | 604-736-1838 | 2380 W 4th Ave | Vancouver, BC
Granville Island Public Market | 604-685-3102 | 1661 Duranleau St. | Vancouver, BC
Web: www.terrabreads.com | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


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Key People


Founder + Owner: Michael Lansky
Product Innovator + Co-Owner: Mary Mackay

About Terra Breads

At Terra Breads, sharing the common language of good food binds us together. Staying true to time-honoured and traditional techniques, we take classic recipes to a whole new level.

Our hands-on method begins with a fermentation process that improves digestion, makes nutrients more bio-available and imparts complex flavour into our breads. Each loaf is hand crafted and their respective signature patterns are scored by hand.

After rising on French linen, we bake our breads in stone-hearth ovens, fresh every day for you to enjoy in our cafes and in grocery stores and restaurants. We source local, organic ingredients whenever possible and still use the same techniques that distinguished our bread when we began over 20 years ago. With bakers contributing 15-20 years of dedication and our owners still leading the team, it’s clear we love what we do and it shows.


Best Bread Bakery in 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010-14 | Georgia Strait “Golden Plates” Awards

Best Bread Bakery in 2000, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010-14 | West Ender “Best of the City”

Vancouver Courier: Stars of Vancouver | Best Bakery in 2000, 2002, 2003, 2012

“I’m constantly buying bread from Terra Breads. They have a country bread there that, toasted with a little bit of butter and some salt on top, it’s ridiculous.” | David Hawksworth, Globe & Mail, The Eat Sheet, January 11, 2012

“Grab a multigrain loaf at Terra Breads… “ | New York Times, The Cruise Issue, February 14, 2010

“I really enjoy going to Terra Breads in Olympic Village. They have great pastries and coffee, and the view is amazing.” | Vikram Vij on his Favourite Brunch spot, BC Living, Fall 2014

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  1. We live in the fraser Valley and drive to Vancouver to pur have their country loaf. It is excellent and the fact that there is no good is great. I do not know how here in BC we have a aged to take taste out out of tomatoes cucu.brrs lettuce etc and it is greaT to find some nice tasting food like their breD. It is as close to a European bread as you can get.