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TEA & TWO SLICES: On Bravely Attacking Soup Kitchens And Exporting Vancouverism

by Sean Orr | The Vancouver Sun’s case for banning masks: Guest editorial: Protesters who cover their faces deserve arrest. Once again, notice the image that the Vancouver Sun has chosen (the Guy Fawkes mask was adopted by the Anonymous movement, a peaceful group). Note also how they employ the word “protesters”. I don’t know if the paper is guilty of a Freudian Slip or a rotten lie here, but the truth is that the proposed law is about rioters, not protestors (I’ve been to a whole lot of protests in my time, but only once have I heard the Riot Act being read, and it was after a hockey game).

My case for banning masks: Two arrested during G20 summit were police: watchdog.

Dad still doesn’t get it: Eco-zealots’ hyperbole leaves me green-faced, wherein an anti-environmentalist consults an environmental group to discredit environmentalists. The headline should be: Grrr. I’m dumb, old, and angry. And I vote.

So the Federal Government accidentally funded something really worthwhile that is working, but now they don’t want to fund it anymore: Future uncertain for Bosman Hotel Community

Meanwhile, The Province runs a truly bizarre smear piece on The Dugout, a volunteer-run food dispensary on the DTES. Really? Fuck off and go do some real investigating, like how the Fraser Institute accepts charity.

Leave the micro-politics of a soup kitchen for trolls like Greg Renouf: Does Irwin Oostinde Run SadoMasochist Sex Parties At The W2 Media Centre? Oh god, Greg. Do grow up. Do you actually know what an S&M party looks like? Do I have to Google that for you?

Politics are boring because you just compared them to hockey and reality TV: Thrust and parry of Hansard a limp affair indeed. To quote the kid in the G.I. Joe parody, “Dude, I got no idea what you’re on about”.

Langley responds: Langley Township ‘not District 12’. Cool comeback, bro.

How a completely fabricated city in the desert is like Vancouver: Mirrors, Mirages and Vancouverism in the Middle East.

Bonus: Vancouver Ltd. by Don Gutstein.

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  1. I lived in Amsterdam, so definitely know what an S&M sex party looks like! You couldn’t walk down the street on a weekend night without seeing some guy walking around in assless chaps!

    I also know what misuse of government funding is- and, I can tell you with great confidence, that the majority of Vancouverites would not be impressed knowing that city resources are being used for this purpose….

    My one question though, is why you neglected to mention how Irwin’s team (who receive over $200K in funding from Vancouver Coastal Health for mental health programs) tried to label me as mentally ill for criticising their misuse of funds. Is this not abhorrent to even the lefty crowd?


    Personally, I know people with mental health issues, and it is completely unfair to them to misuse this label as a personal attack…

    The Bosman Hotel was part of a 1-year study with Mental Health Canada, and was never intended to be a long-term situation. It was supposed to be closed-down once new housing came available, wasn’t it?

    Your article seems rather disingenuous to me…


  2. OK whatever cool. I’m not the biggest fan of w2 in that its not neutral in matters regarding it use. re. ben pearson and all that. ad hominems are really sophomoric- and that’s what your article comes of as. Personal attack. I don’t think it’s entirely unfair to say that you have built a reputation for yourself- and that with this context your article comes of as a provocation for no real reason than other to be provocative. It’s a harmless little burlesque party. It’s not Amsterdam. Choose your battles.

  3. Thanks for the advice- and glad to see you understand the problems with W2. It truly amazes me how they are still being given free space from the CoV when most of the community see that they are not fulfilling their remit…

    I don’t think you fully understand the circumstances of my ‘reputation’ I’ve built for myself. Yes, I have been the target of a lot of slander. But, this is what happens when one writes about and exposes the Black Bloc idiots who have been damaging activist movements the past year.

    Harsha Waia’s No One Is Illegal have even setup a website to discredit me! There is another site that was setup by Alex Hundert of the violent Ontario anarchist group called AW@L! Life can be challenging when one insists on peaceful protest over violence.

    And, I’ve now spoken to someone who was at one of the SPIT parties. They have confirmed that the ‘make-our booths’ were used for drug use and sex. Is this right in a place that is paid for by the city? Is this right in a place that runs kids camps? How does this help the people of the DTES? (besides the drug dealers)


  4. Bosman hotel (aka At Home project) was a three-year study. I think it was pretty unethical of them to even start the study if they didn’t have the resources to keep the Bosman (not to mention all of the other locations where ‘test subjects’ live) running. I do believe that this is just another bargaining tactic, and the Bosman will be bought or leased by the province. If not, everyone involved in the creation of that study needs to give their head a serious shake.

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