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Savoury Chef



Modern Asian dishes from a fresh, local caterer

1175 Union Street | Vancouver, BC, V6A 2C7
Telephone: 604-357-7118
Website: SavouryChef.com

Savoury Chef | Full Service Event Management
OceanWise Friendly Menus | Local Humanely-Raised Meats
DTZ Certified Premium Coffee | 100% Origin Teas


  • Nicoise ‘salad’ | seared BC Albacore tuna, egg yolk, green bean, olive aioli, cherry tomato and micro greens on a potato pave
  • black cod baked with miso, mirin, crispy sesame rice cake, chili and soy braised honshimeji mushrooms
  • Chinese-style free-range tea eggs with pickled ginger, red braise reduction mayo and green onions
  • panna cotta | lime-leaf panna cotta with curried orange gelee, blueberries, and curry streusel
  • beef carpaccio thinly-sliced raw Pemberton Meadows beef tenderloin, edamame, daikon micro greens under a ginger ponzu dressing with toasted sesame seeds
  • Savoury Chef | Black Bean Scallop
  • Savoury Chef | Pate de Campagne
  • Savoury Chef |  Five Spice Profiteroles
  • Savoury Chef | Pearl Balls
  • Savoury Chef | Raspberry Dessert
  • Savoury Chef | Pear Frangipan
  • Savoury Chef | Braised beef profiterole
  • Savoury Chef | Beef Carpaccio
  • Savoury Chef | Salmon

About Savoury Chef


Founded by Chef Taryn Wa, Savoury Chef has rapidly become one of Vancouver’s premier full-service event caterers. Savoury Chef focuses on the use of local and in-season ingredients to produce tailored dishes and elegant menus for high-end events. Chef Taryn’s passion for excellence is reflected in her dedication to sharing the delights of fresh, delicious foods with all of her clients and works closely with each of them to determine optimal menu choices. Whether designing dishes for celebrities, political icons, government officials, corporate clients or wedding celebrations, Chef Taryn always puts quality and flavour first. Uniquely specializing in the creation of menus that incorporate both Western and Asian spices, cooking techniques and ingredients, Savoury Chef competes in a catering league of its own. Chef Taryn and all the staff at Savoury Chef are committed to increasing the respect and confidence of caterers across the city by delivering outstanding quality, service and delicious meals

Our Beliefs

“Cooking should be a carefully balanced reflection of all the good things of the
Jean & Pierre Troisgros

In an industry plagued with a reputation for bland one-size-fits-all buffets and redundant low quality ingredients, Savoury Chef is redefining local catering. With our non-traditional approach to customised menu planning, we focus on the individual needs of each of our clients and provide them with satisfying dishes that are fresh, unique and rich in flavour. Like you, we know that local tastes better and that quality and presentation should not be sacrificed for cost. We are turning over a new catering leaf and presenting a literally fresh approach to food service, based on employing the tried and true equation of excellent local ingredients and personalized customer service to create memorable events.

The People


Taryn Wa – Founder/Chef | Loves Pigs. Loves Beer. Loves Food.
Kyle Nordman – Director | Founder/Business & Refreshments.
Heather Wright | Director of Sales & Special Events

Savoury Chef believes that success comes from supporting local ingredients, maintaining great staff and having a healthy and positive attitude.