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1141 Mainland Street, Vancouver BC
Telephone: 778-927-5120 | Email: [email protected]
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Sunday-Thursday: Noon–10pm; Friday+Saturday: Noon–11pm


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photos by Fahim Kassam



Tommy Choi and Michael Lai, Co-Owners



Mister is an artisan, liquid nitrogen-churned ice cream parlour located in the heart of Yaletown. Mister’s ice cream is made from scratch, in-house, using pure, natural ingredients. Every cup is made fresh to order, as customers watch ingredients turn into ice cream in under one minute, right before their eyes.

By using liquid nitrogen in the production process, we are able to rapidly freeze the ice cream ingredients at -196C. This creates much smaller ice crystals and less air than found in traditional ice cream, resulting in a richer, creamier, smoother and denser ice cream. Because the ice cream is made fresh to order with natural ingredients, there are zero stabilizers and fillers.

We choose flavour combinations that are unique, and rotate them based on season and demand. Our goal is to rethink the way ice cream is created, with a process, presentation and taste that takes dessert to a whole new level.


“Mister churns its ice cream with liquid nitrogen to ensure the formation of smaller-than-usual ice crystals, and a resultant cashmere-smooth mouth feel. A double Oreo flavour with micro-pulverized cookie in a milk chocolate base and big cookie pieces throughout is easy to fall in love with—a childhood favourite effectively elevated.” – NUVO Magazine

“Mister offers a totally innovative and atmospheric way to make, buy, and eat ice cream.” – Daily Hive

“Mister’s liquid nitrogen ice cream transforms every flavour you know into a new experience, but the Avocado is truly unique—you’ll find bits of the buttery fruit mixed into the fine ice cream texture.” – Vitamin Daily

“Made with local ingredients whenever possible, and using dairy from Meadow Fresh Dairy in Port Coquitlam, guests can currently pick from a roster of flavours that include avocado, dark chocolate, crème brûlée, lemon frozen yogurt, and double Oreo.” – Georgia Straight