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CRAFT BEER ATLAS // There’s Always Something Unusually Delicious Brewing at ‘The Bakery’

Scout’s alphabetical Craft Beer Atlas of Vancouver was designed to grow with our brewing scene, so from time to time – like right now – we add new entries.

The most recent addition to Port Moody’s Brewer’s Row is The Bakery Brewing, a super small batch brewery opened in June, 2019 by Adam Crandall and Dan Helmer (co-founders of Moody Ales) with partner Trent Shumay. The brewery’s name pays homage to the building’s previous life as an Italian bakery. It also extends to the brewery’s current approach to creating experimental and culinary-inspired beers beginning with the same three humble ingredients: yeast, water and starch. The Bakery’s branding by Vancouver’s Free Agency Creative is characterized by their sleek and minimalist labels and black bottles. The tasting room’s elegant and airy interior further sets the brewery apart aesthetically from others nearby. To learn more about The Bakery, read our 2019 interview with manager Nick Andersen and brewer Sho Ogawa here.

Favourite beer to date: Honestly, the flavours change so frequently that it’s impossible to get attached to any single brew, but there’s always something interesting, if not unusual (like Strawberry Lemon Brut or Chocolate Rye Lager) to tantalize your palate with. Check out their website or Instagram to find out what’s currently available.


The Bakery Brewing
Neighbourhood: Port Moody
2617 Murray St.

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