Potluck Hawker Eatery Launches New Late Night Happy Hour Menu

The Goods from Potluck Hawker Eatery

Vancouver, BC | Potluck Hawker Eatery (3424 Cambie Street) is bringing the vibrancy of after hours Southeast Asia to Cambie Village with the launch of its new Night Hawker evenings. Available only on Fridays and Saturdays, Chef Justin Cheung and his crew have crafted a fun food and drinks menu, featuring a variety of snack items, sandos, and noodles, including chicken skewers, corn ribs, and som tum tod, a fried version of papaya salad.

“Southeast Asia is known for having some of the world’s most lively and best night scenes, and food definitely plays a big part,” says Cheung. “Every time I visit my family in Malaysia, we’d go out for late night eats – there are so many places that are open after the sun sets. My favourite places usually have sharable items and dishes that go well with an ice, cold beer. We’d stay up so late to chat and catch-up over good food.”

Potluck’s Night Hawker menu is available starting from 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. It consists of a full alcoholic drinks menu at 20 percent off, zero-proof beverages, and snacks for $10 each. There is also a large plates section for $15 each, as well as combos. Menu examples include:


Roti Grilled Cheese – Potluck’s roti canai with American Cheese and curry sauce
Chicken Satay – Grilled chicken skewer with turmeric, coconut, and peanut sauce
Muu Ping – Grilled pork skewer with coriander, soy, palm sugar, and jaew sauce
Sweet Chili Wings – Chicken wings with Malay sweet and spicy hot sauce, sesame, and cucumber
Som Tum Tod – Green papaya fritter with peanut and spicy dressing
Nam Jim Corn Ribs – Corn with lime dressing, rice powder, sawtooth herb, and yum yum sauce

Large Plates

Daily Sando – Daily feature sando
Chick-Ma-Lay – Coconut milk brined fried chicken with Malay sweet chili, pickles, and yum yum sauce
CKT – Char kway teow featuring wok fried rice noodle, prawns, fish cakes, and chinese sausage
Nasi G. – Nasi goreng, a fried rice with special soy, sambal, egg, veggies, and choice of protein
Laksa – Coconut lemongrass broth with mixed noodles, prawns, and fish cakes.

“The Night Hawker menu will be available until the end of summer,” adds Cheung. “During the summer heat in Vancouver, I definitely crave certain foods at night. It could be slurping back a bowl of soupy noodles, or eating something grilled or BBQed, like our skewers. The menu features items my team and I would like to see during late night happy hour. There are many options!”

Night Hawker starts at 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Walk-ins welcome. Limited reservations available.

For more information, please follow Potluck Hawker Eatery on Instagram and/or visit its website at www.potluckyvr.ca.

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