Straight and Marrow Shares ‘Le Tigre’ Lunar New Year Cocktail Feature

The Goods from Straight and Marrow

Vancouver, BC | Available for the entire month of February, enjoy Straight and Marrow Bar Manager, Chad Rivard’s, Lunar New Year cocktail feature, Le Tigre ($14).

“Le Tigre is all about nostalgia,” says Rivard, “The inspiration for this drink comes from a favourite treat of my childhood: tiger tail ice cream. Combining flavours of orange, liquorice and vanilla, the egg yolk is used to give the drink a creamy texture while reducing waste in the bar (we use egg whites for a separate cocktail on the menu).” Check out the recipe below:

Le Tigre

1.25 oz. Cointreau (orange liqueur)
0.75 oz. Pernod (pastis)
0.5 oz. Galliano (vanilla liqueur)
0.75 oz. Fresh Orange Juice
0.5 oz. Coconut Syrup*
1 Egg Yolk

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake first without ice, then repeat with ice added to the tin. Double strain into a large rocks glass with a king ice cube. Express orange oil onto the cocktail and garnish with the zest.

*Coconut Syrup: Combine equal parts sugar & coconut milk in a vessel & whisk until sugar is fully dissolved.

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