VV Tapas Lounge Launches Exclusive New Olive Oil, Now Available for Purchase

The Goods from VV Tapas Lounge

Vancouver, BC | Our exclusive VV olive oil has arrived and is available to purchase on our website or pick up at the restaurant. We imported it ourselves and are the only place in the world to get it.

-Our extra virgin, 100% organic, cold-pressed olive oil comes from a small city called Scalea in the region of Calabria in southern Italy.

-This particular Olive Grove is on 100% organic soil where no pesticides or fertilizers have ever been used. Horses go there to graze, and the only fertilizer there is from the horse’s manure.

-The olive trees are very old, and since there are not too many of them in this orchard, the yield of olive oil is around 800 to 1,000 litres per year, only depending on the amount of rainfall.

-Our olives are picked by hand – not machines – and are only pressed once through a rock grinder for optimal taste and nutritional value.

-No preservatives, color or other oil added.

For more information, pictures and videos check out @cuoreitalia1532.

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