On Meat-Based Vegetables, Astronaut Meals and Bar Staff Spitting on Customers

Sure, they can stand on a stage and debate policy with one another but the question that’s really on everyone’s mind is what are the Democratic candidates’ favourite comfort foods.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Eric Trump walks into a bar… 

Vancouver’s spookiest restaurant is going to close at the end of the week so if you haven’t been yet now is your last chance!

An iconic 100-plus-year-old grocery story in Strathcona gets a makeover

Eater on the messed up reasons why AOC-haters keep bringing up her previous experience working in hospitality

“The way that the media, the public, and other politicians have talked about Ocasio-Cortez’s bartending and waitressing experience has always been dubious, framed not just as an objective fact, but imbued with extra meaning.”

The New Yorker’s Helen Rosner validates our collective frustration with peeling garlic and the never-ending quest to find a better way.

All summer horoscopes should be done with the help of a little gelato a-la Bon Appetit!

How scotch whiskey maintained its exports and emerged unscathed in the wake of the temperance movement.

While the recently opened, entirely digital location of Tractor is an intriguing concept, it does raise some interesting questions about job loss to automation in the hospitality industry.

The Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby maps out all the best food to be found at the Richmond Night Market

Eating via Instagram honours go to @megandcook for this snap of her recent visit to Popina, where crab is clearly king:

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants were announced this past week. Check out the full list here

Meanwhile Eater explores the impact recent rule changes for the rankings had on this year’s awards.

“After years of biting criticism, the 50 Best list said it would achieve gender parity in its voting ranks and that it would remove restaurants that have already hit the coveted No.1 slot. And yet the 2019 list wasn’t entirely different from those of years past. Yet another fancy European restaurant — Mirazur — received top honors, an accolade that has never gone to Latin America, Asia, or Africa. Just five female chefs made the list, the same number as last year. And yet again, no one seemed capable of finding a restaurant in mainland China or Africa that wasn’t run by a white guy.”

Don’t think finger-lickin’ good is enough to garner a Michelin star? The owner of this KFC in Australia begs to differ.

Meanwhile in Thailand, this 74-year-old woman’s street food has earned her a Michelin star for the second year in a row.

While Negroni Week may have wrapped up, the 100 year old cocktail just keeps getting better with age.

And speaking of aging, Punch Magazine lays out the history of the barrel-aged cocktail.

“The worldwide phenomenon began a decade ago when a Portland bartender happened to taste an off-menu cocktail at a high-concept cocktail bar in north London. That Portland bartender, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, took the practice—changing the aging vessel from glass to barrels—and brought it to his bar Clyde Common. Its success was immediate.”

From freeze-dried rations to full turkey dinner, BBC shares the curious details of astronaut meals on Apollo missions throughout history.

Finally! The origin story we’ve all been waiting for! Atlas Obscura explains exactly how the Everything Bagel come to be.

Allow me to introduce the Marrot, Arby’s hilarious response to the rising popularity of plant-based burgers.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring

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