Steamworks Launches Barrel-Aged Brett Saison ‘Purgatory’

The GOODS from Steamworks

Burnaby, BC | Repent! For Steamworks’ sacred Sanctuary Saison has gone to… Purgatory. Steamworks’ freshly released ‘Purgatory’ is a Barrel Aged Brett Saison which has taken their Blasted Church collab Sanctuary to new depths.

The grape must infused Sanctuary was aged for months in barrel with brettanomyces and then bottle conditioned with white wine yeast. The resulting beer balances big fruity wine flavours with a tart and dry finish.

Purgatory is also the first cork and cage 750ml release for Steamworks, a series which will feature a number of unique and exciting beers over the coming months. Purgatory is available now in very limited quantities at Steamworks Burnaby taproom and downtown liquor store. It will hit select retail shelves next week.

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