375 Water St.

Steamworks Brewery & Taproom (Burnaby)
3845 William St., Burnaby


Gastown Brew Pub: Open from 11:30 am daily for Lunch & Dinner.
Burnaby Taproom: Sun-Wed 12-10pm | Thurs-Sat 12-11pm


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  • Brewmaster Julia Hanlon
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  • Burnaby Taproom
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The People

Owner – Eli Gershkovitch
President of Restaurant Operations – Carl McCreath
Brewpub General Manager – Ryan Schwartz
Brewmaster – Julia Hanlon
Sales and Marketing Director – Matt Martin

About Steamworks

In 1995, Steamworks first took hold of their historic, Gastown brewpub location, only to discover the building had a rare steam heating system – a remnant from forward thinkers of a century past. Deep within the building’s core they found a network of underground steam pipes – the same pipes that run through Gastown’s historic steam clock. Intrigued by the concept of direct steam powered brewing, something the brewmaster had only read of but never seen, they ventured forth and to create a one-of-a-kind steam fired brewery; the first in Canada. To their delight, they found test brews to be distinctively fresh and flavourful.

For nearly 25 years, beer aficionados have traveled to Steamworks famous brewpub to savor these unconventional and award winning brews. In 2012, Steamworks proudly launched their packaged products, produced at their Burnaby brewery and taproom and adorned with distinctly whimsical branding. Under the auspices of brewmaster Julia Hanlon and her brew team, Steamworks continue to produce the finest quality craft beers such as their Flagship IPA which was awarded ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best IPA’ at the 2016 BC Brewing Awards.

Today the “little brewpub that grew” sells bottles, tall cans, bombers and kegs throughout B.C., several Canadian provinces and U.S. states, central Europe and Hong Kong. All the while, still brewing with the power of steam.