On Canadian Smugness and Saving Statues of Racists for Pigeons to Crap On

This is what white supremacy looks like: ‘More diversity’ will ‘destroy’ what makes Canada great: Conservative MP Bernier. Of course, a more accurate headline would read “failed leadership contender and now backbencher tweets blatant dog whistle in effort to offer mainstream legitimacy to hatred and racism on the anniversary of last year’s deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville”, but that would take actual work. Do your jobs, CTV!

It also presumes that “destroying” our fragile national identity is a bad thing. But yes, won’t someone think of the endangered Old Stock Canadian? For they are the true victims here. It begs the question: Why are white people afraid of being a minority? Are they treated badly or something?

“Cultural balkanisation brings distrust, social conflict, and potentially violence, as we are seeing everywhere”. Yes, Maxime. We should be more of a melting pot like the US. We live in a society. The only distrust, social conflict and violence I see are from anti-social conservatives like you. And you are losing: White nationalists dwarfed by crowds of counterprotesters in Washington.

Oh, and your annual reminder that a) Canadian smugness about race relations in America is gross, and b) white supremacy doesn’t start and end with the Conservative Party:

Exhibit B: John A. Macdonald statue removed from Victoria City Hall. From Lindsay Brown:

Things I learned from reading the comments on this (and participating in them)
1. Statues are history & without them, no history
2. History is only told in front of gov’t buildings and statues moved elsewhere won’t be history
3. History should be additive, don’t take John A away, just add everything else (until it’s a giant junk pile of bronze statuary?)
4. Don’t read the comments

Meanwhile: Brock to vote on stripping ex-prof of title after racist tweets. Looks like someone is trying to ride the JPet bandwagon…

Wow, Trump doesn’t even do this: ‘Unprecedented’: Staffers drown out reporters by clapping at Doug Ford news conference. “This is a technique that was used by the Tyrants of the ancient world. Uh, that’s a hint that it’s bad.” – Lorraine Murphy.

Also in Ontario: Ontario unemployment rate hits 18-year low, six months after minimum wage hike. Expect Ford to take credit for this while simultaneously putting a freeze on it.

Update: After 17 days and 1,000 miles, mother orca Tahlequah drops dead calf.

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