On Why Stinky Cheese Stinks and Being Short-Staffed During Patio Season

Eater shares their current picks for the best restaurants in American including Portland’s Canard and Seattle’s Kamonegi.

Justin Burke-Samson on the rampant homophobia that exists in restaurant kitchens and the effects it has on men that don’t fit neatly into conventional definitions of masculinity.

“I would hear the whispers. Fag. Fairy. Princess. Every day, no matter what, someone would make fun of the way I stood and say something like, “Stand like you have a dick between your legs, boy.” I was an easy target. The hyper-masculinity and aggressive sex talk made me nervous, and if I were asked a question or were around this type of dialogue, I would just stumble over my words and cower.”

Dig this video explainer on why stinky cheese…er…stinks.

Scout shares their picks for the best ice cream in town. Don’t forget to weigh in on your favourites!

David Wondrich does a deep dive into whether or not rum was invented in India instead of the Caribbean.

This whole-in-the-wall in Richmond may only have seven tables but it has been touted as one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Metro Vancouver.

A new Asian street food restaurant is set to take over the old Merchant’s Workshop later this month. Ugly Dumpling is expected to open in early September.

Having completed local food goals two years earlier than expected, outgoing Mayor Robertson hopes the next city council will further implement strategies to reduce waste and support sustainable food systems.

Tocador may just be serving up the perfect summer dessert with a booze-soaked pineapple complete with lime cake and torched meringue.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @viranlly because this Little Mermaid-themed cocktail from the folks at The Diamond is almost too cute to drink:

While we all love patio season, the ongoing staffing shortage is making it difficult for restaurants to meet public demand.

Heading to the interior this summer? The Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby shares a few of her favourite spots to eat in the Okanagan.

This week in unadvisable recipes – blood sausage made with your own blood.

From Steven Soderbergh to George Clooney and Drake to Danny Devito, Esquire rounds up of all of your favourite celebrity liquor brands.

Hey Papa John, you can sue your own company all you want. It doesn’t erase the fact that you used a racial slur and have yet to demonstrate any true accountability for your actions.

Good news dairy lovers! A recent study on full-fat dairy consumption is debunking risks associated with some of our favourite foods. Bring on the butter!

A beautiful tribute to LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold and what he did for the world of food writing.

“In the forty-eight years that the Pulitzer committee has been honoring criticism, seven awards have been given to architecture writers, six to television critics, eight each to books and to music. Gold remains the only food writer to wear that golden pendant, a singular icon in the culinary world.”

An American delegation to the World Health Organization attempts to block a resolution in support of breastfeeding making formula manufacturers rather happy. I wonder if this is what Trump meant when he said “Drain the swamp.”

We’ve all been thinking it for years so I’d like to formally thank Boston Pizza for finally adding tiny chairs to the tiny table stuck in the middle of the pizza.

Shout out to Vancouver’s Rumpus Room for calling out sexual harassment and making clear that this behaviour will not be tolerated in their restaurant.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring

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