A Little Relative Quietude At Cafe Medina’s Corner Table No. 1


A long time ago we posted a reader’s poll listing what we considered to be the top five restaurant tables in Vancouver. We received so much in the way of reader feedback – both positive and negative that we’ve decided to shine a brighter light on the subject, one excellent table at a time. You’ll find more great tables here.


by Andrew Morrison | Being first come first serve it’s a bit of a lottery as to which table you get at Cafe Medina, arguably Vancouver’s most celebrated brunch institution, but you should nevertheless cross your fingers for Table No. 1. The 2-3 seater is the first table in the dining room, the first of 13 on a banquette that runs all the way to the open kitchen. Not only does it offer great light – even on the shittiest of days – but it’s also located under a lower ceiling than the rest of the room, and thus not directly under the five drop down music speakers. What’s more, it offers a unique, head-of-the-table sightline for the person (ideally, you) who gets to sit with their back to the front door queue while facing down the long banquette’s row like a boss.

Cafe Medina | 780 Richards Street | 604-879-3114 | www.medinacafe.com

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