Gastown’s ‘Secret Location’ Set To Close July 31st After Unlikely Four Year Run


by Andrew Morrison | Secret Location, the restaurant that Alexandra Gill once called a “confused showpiece without a soul”, is closing after four years on the northwest edge of Gassy Jack Square in Gastown. What surprises me about this isn’t so much that they’re throwing in the towel but rather that it took them four years to admit it wasn’t working. Honestly, I can’t count the number of times I walked past the restaurant during the dinner rush only to find it completely empty. It was a total marvel to the other restaurateurs in the neighbourhood. How could they possibly retain staff? How could they possibly stay open? Well, they didn’t, and they’re not. The last day is July 31st. Unfortunately, the space won’t be turned into a new restaurant by people who know what they’re doing. Instead, the retail side of Secret Location is swallowing up the space, so hooray for more $5,500 vintage Chanel camera bags and $259 T-shirts. Here’s the official word:

Dear friends,

After four exciting years, our Tasting Room will be closing at the end of this month. The restaurant’s final day of business will be Sunday July 31. Our business is evolving to focus exclusively on our retail operations and we remain committed to being an unparalleled destination concept store.

Our Tasting Room has been an exciting venture for Secret Location. We are the first concept store in Canada, and the first to deliver exceptional fashion and food under one roof. We’re glad that you’ve enjoyed our many tasting menus, private events, afternoon coffee and weekend brunch. To our Tasting Room customers, thank you for being part of something new! It has been an absolute pleasure to serve you.

The next chapter in our evolution is an enhancement of our retail experience. We’ll continue to expand our range of new and unique products from around the world, and execute interesting in-store and online events. Stay in touch with us about new developments on our website, email and social channels.

The Secret Location Team


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  1. Please tell me that the question mark was actually part of that press release and not added for extremely ironic effect.

  2. Please allow me to claim opening the first self-curated concept gallery in Canada and that was in 1996, even before Colette in Paris, but since my store/gallery Maison V was located in Yaletown, Vancouver, and not on the Rue Saint Honoré, very few people here got what I was up to!

    If Secret Location wish to consider itself a concept store, it should have a more fun and eccentric mix of stuff to draw in the really hip wannabes who can finally afford to buy even one little thing there!

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