Gastown’s Irish Heather Welcomes Back Families With Changes To Liquor Laws

The Irish Heather is located at 210 Carrall St. in the heart of Gastown | 604-688-9779 |
The Irish Heather is located at 210 Carrall St. in the heart of Gastown | 604-688-9779 |

The GOODS from The Irish Heather

Vancouver, BC | The Irish Heather is one of the first liquor primary venues in BC to receive approval today for their application to the liquor board allowing minors to dine with their families in the popular Irish pub.

The Irish Heather is thrilled to welcome back families. Owner Sean Heather recalls how for the first 10 years of the Irish Heathers life, it’s original license allowed families. A switch to a liquor primary license coupled with a move to a new location 7 years ago made it impossible to entertain families.

“When we originally opened the Irish Heather with a restaurant license, we used to have regulars bring their kids and incredibly popular Sunday lunches for families. It was overall a completely different daytime environment, similar to what you would find in Ireland. Since operating with a liquor primary license, we have had to turn away countless disappointed customers hoping to dine with their kids over the years” says Sean Heather.

The Irish Heather will be launching a new kids menu next week, and plans to offer incentives to boost family business. Kids under 10 years old will eat for free from 11:30am to 7:00pm, along with plans to bring back the popular family Sunday lunches.

The Irish Heather is Vancouver’s most authentic and traditional Irish pub with wallpaper hand made in Ireland, floors made of Guinness barrels reclaimed from the Guinness brewery in Ireland, original Irish period posters and the best Guinness pour in town. Located in the heart of historic Gastown, this gastropub has garnered many accolades for its service, food, drinks and ambiance. In a world filled with “Plastic Paddy” establishments, the Heather stands out as a beacon of authenticity. A true Irish House that is owned and operated by Irish people.

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