Farmer’s Apprentice Team To Open New Wine Bar ‘Grapes & Soda’ This Summer


Two weeks ago, chef David Gunawan and Dara Young of Farmer’s Apprentice picked up the wee space next door at 1537 West 6th Avenue (between Fir & Granville). With it, they’ll be opening a 25 seat wine bar called Grapes & Soda. If it’s half as good as Farmer’s Apprentice (which is to say still pretty darn good), it’ll be a significant gain for the South Granville neighbourhood. I trust that it’ll be as good, so congratulations to all who work or live nearby. Lucky you.

I took a look at the construction site yesterday with Gunawan and Evan Creedon of Milltown Contracting. They’ve got plenty of reclaimed wood to play with (similar to Farmer’s Apprentice), a short bar, and a long banquette. As you can see from the shots above, much of the framing is already done.  Save for a few possible delay points, it appeared to be a pretty straightforward build from here on out. It should be ready – if nothing goes awry – by early/mid-summer.

Come that good day, Grapes & Soda will be pairing five to six bottles of natural wine with five to six seasonally determined dishes each night (in addition to a selections of cheese and charcuterie). If you imagine it as sort of like a cross between The Sardine Can and Notturno in Gastown, you’ll not be far off. And if you’re unfamiliar with Farmer’s Apprentice next door, take a closer look below…

  • IMG_0826
  • IMG_0857
  • IMG_0849
  • IMG_0844
  • IMG_0841
  • IMG_0822
  • IMG_0812
  • IMG_0802
  • IMG_0799
  • IMG_0791
  • IMG_0788
  • cous cous and apricot salad
    cous cous and apricot salad
  • IMG_4286
  • IMG_4262
  • IMG_4293
  • Oysters at Farmer's Apprentice
    Oysters at Farmer's Apprentice
  • IMG_4253
  • IMG_2894
  • IMG_2898
  • Salad | Farmer's Apprentice
    Salad | Farmer's Apprentice
  • IMG_4309


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