GOODS: “Revolver Coffee” Releases Freshly Bottled & Branded Cold Brew For Summer

Revolver is located at 325 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC | 604-558-4444 |

The GOODS from Revolver Coffee

Vancouver, BC | Summer has arrived, albeit quite unfashionably late, but it’s here nonetheless. And to go along with it we’ve launched Revolver Cold Brew. It’s brewed in-house using a coffee from our line up for 12 hours over night, bottled fresh, and kept cold until you’re ready for it. Drink it neat or on the rocks, it tastes good both ways And yes, you get to keep the bottle – we’ll sure you’ll find a use for it.


325 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-558-4444
Mon-Fri: 8-6 | Sat: 9-6 | Sun: Rest
Email: [email protected]
Website: | Twitter


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General Manager: John Giannakos
Director of Coffee: Chris Giannakos

About Revolver Coffee

Inspired by some of the world’s most influential cafes, from Japan to New York to Montreal and back, Revolver is the brainchild of owners and operators, the Giannakos family. Situated on Gastown’s vibrant Cambie St., Revolver places a heavy focus on it’s progressive yet simple coffee program, proudly doing so on a menu of less than 10 items. Every single cup of coffee is made individually, only after it has been ordered – never before – through various brew methods and a rotating seasonal coffee menu from leading roasters around North America. Every coffee available on the menu (and many that are not) are put to the test every week in a blind tasting that determines whether or not it will be offered the following week. This insures that only the best tasting coffees of the moment are being served. No variable is left unmeasured as every detail in the brewing process is closely monitored using various scales, timers, and ratios – the key to providing consistency. From using exposed plumbing and electrical, to the open laboratory styled brewing bar, through to using glass instead of traditional ceramics, the cafe is designed to provide full transparency both in design and in the experience. Customers are thrown into the middle of all the action as every drink is brewed in full view on a 20+ foot bar top that stretches through most of the room, made entirely of reclaimed B.C. Fir. In addition to coffee, Revolver pays the same respect to it’s tea program (most of which are directly sourced through a tea buying group) as well as providing an array of pastries and baked goods from West Vancouver’s Cafe Crema. In the end, Revolver is about two things: coffee, and the experience that should come with it.


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  1. This place is beyond phenomenal, we are blessed to have it. I’ll be buying a bottle or three of this stuff. Bless-Ed are the coffee nerds. Thanks guys.