Seen In Vancouver #338: Cool “Matchstick” Getting Its New Grind On In The Fraserhood

by Andrew Morrison | I really like the look of Matchstick. It’s a recently opened cafe and coffee company in the Fraserhood from former JJ Bean, Crema, and Elysian hands Spencer Viehweger, Annie Viehweger and Aaron Braun (639 East 15th, just a few doors down from Les Faux Bourgeois). The 1926 space, which had previously housed a hoarder for some 17 years, was – if my notes are correct – once upon a time a Bank of Montreal (I could see the massive vault door still in place). It has clearly undergone a top to bottom spruce, the clean effects of which are being beautifully amplified by lots of natural light. The minimalist design was done in house and put together by the same construction folks (Tetherstone) who did the awesome Revolver coffee house on Cambie. It’s a looker, for sure.

Matchstick is setting up to start roasting beans in a couple of months (as evidenced by all the equipment in the back), but the coffee is pretty damn fine as it is (from Calgary’s excellent Phil & Sebastian). Ancillary offerings include an array of sandwiches (meats supplied by Save On Meats) and baked goods, including fresh baguettes (from Baguette & Co). About 25 seats all day (no patio yet), with the majority being communal. Wireless? Plenty and quick.

The branding is superb. They’re aiming for quality everything, from bean to bread, with the name symbolizing the significance of a single, high quality matchstick in a world of plastic lighters (so take that, Starbucks). If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. They’re open every day from 8am to 4pm, and killing it.

  • Exterior branding | Matchstick
  • Matchstick
  • Co-owner Spencer Viehweger
  • Baguetteness | Matchstick
  • Matchstick
  • Matchstick
  • Matchstick
  • Matchstick
  • Great-looking tables adorned with obligatory Macbooks
  • Co-owner Annie Viehweger
  • Rear corridor | Matchstick
  • Victualling station
  • Co-owners Annie and Spencer Viehweger and Aaron Braun
  • Window branding



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