A Look Inside The New Fraserhood Location Of Prado, All Set To Open On Monday


by Andrew Morrison | I took a look inside the new corner location of Prado yesterday with owner Sammy Piccolo. The 1,400 sqft space has been several months in the making in the brand new building at 4208 Fraser Street.

The interior has the same Spartan aesthetic as the other two other Prado addresses (see also Hastings and Commercial), but it feels more expansive than the others on account of the very high ceilings. There’s something of a hideaway section tucked behind a wall of wooden slats, and – typical of the brand – lots of windows throughout.

In addition to their service of typical baked goods and 49th Parallel coffees, the 20 seater will also serve brunch items like minted pea and avocado toasts, baked beans on toast, and buckwheat waffles. It should be noted that Piccolo changed the suffix for this location; it’s not Prado Cafe, but rather Prado Kitchen + Cafe.

It should also be remembered that this stretch of the Fraserhood is going all-in on macked out coffee spots this year. JJ Bean was the first to arrive on the block (4287 Fraser St.); next week it’ll be Prado’s turn, and soon afterwards we’ll see the arrival of Bows & Arrows on the opposite corner. That’s a helluva lot of caffeine in one concentrated little area!

Opening day is set for Monday, November 9th. Hours will be 6am until 8pm, Monday to Friday and 8am until 5pm on weekends. Take a look…

  • IMG_0386
  • IMG_0427
  • IMG_0406
  • IMG_0400
  • IMG_0397
  • IMG_0396
  • Fraserhood's new Prado Cafe, just a few days before launch
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  • IMG_0393
  • IMG_0423
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