First Look Inside The New Earnest Ice Cream At 2nd & Quebec – Opening Tomorrow!


by Michelle Sproule | Scoops start hitting cones tomorrow (Tuesday, January 19th) at the new Earnest Ice Cream space at 1829 Quebec Street off 2nd Avenue.

The new location has the same feel as the Fraserhood shop (clean lines, uncomplicated aesthetic – white walls, exposed brick and warm wood) but there is a little more wiggle room here, with a large portion of the 2,700 sqft space dedicated to production.

The space is gorgeous, with a beautiful picture window through which customers can view the ice cream making process. Owners Ben Ernst and Erica Bernardi are working with Recycling Alternatives to compost and recycle almost all of their waste, and they’ve also hooked up with the folks from Climate Smart, who are training staff how to measure and reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions. To complement the old brick bones of the building, they used reclaimed materials and energy efficient lighting/appliances throughout.

Expect all the good stuff from Fraser Street to migrate to the new digs (scoops, cones, sundaes and ice cream pies will all be available), and while those friendly little pint jars will continue to make their way to numerous retail locations throughout the city, there will also be an ‘Express Pint” option at the new location ensuring that those customers pressed for time can grab a jar on the quick and get straight to work.

Starting Tuesday, both locations will serve ice cream and take home pints from 12pm to 10pm six days a week. The Quebec location will be closed on Mondays, while the one on Fraser will shut on Tuesdays, leaving no gap for ice local cream fanatics. Learn more about the company here.

  • Interior | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Counter Service | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Interior | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Amy Handles Production (Cranberry Walnut) | Earnest Ice Cream
  • IMG_0537
  • IMG_0733
  • A Creamy Taste (Cranberry Walnut) | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Erica and Ben | Earnest Ice Cream
  • IMG_0548
  • Earnest Ice Cream Crew
  • Interior | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Express Pint Service | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Production Kitchen | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Inspiration | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Stocked up and ready to go | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Walk in Freezer | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Amber leaving the walk-in freezer | Earnest Ice Cream
  • IMG_0735
  • Production (Cranberry Walnut) | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Showing Off the New Kitchen | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Waiting for Sundaes | Earnest Ice Cream
  • image6 (6)
  • Wood Detail | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Production (Cranberry Walnut) | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Erica Negotiating The New Sign | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Ben and Erica With New Sign  | Earnest Ice Cream
  • Erica and Ben | Earnest Ice Cream


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