Seen In Vancouver #383: An Inglorious End For NU’s Infamously Uncomfortable Chairs

by Andrew Morrison | One of the seemingly silliest press releases ever to land in my inbox dates back to the Fall of 2007, when NU Restaurant on the False Creek seawall (now closed) saw fit to let the media know that they’d changed their chairs. Ooh, right? Big fucking deal. But it was a big deal, at least kind of. These were some pretty controversial chairs, brother, at least as controversial as chairs can be (well, almost).

I personally found the original ones attractive (I love me some turquoise), but they were wickedly, infamously uncomfortable to a lot of people, and though I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that they eventually forced the restaurant to close in a roundabout way, the effect that they had on so many spoiled asses was nonetheless more negative than positive, and Rule #3982 in the restaurant handbook clearly states that you never want your chairs to steal the show from your cuisine.

Anyway, imagine my surprise while eating my lunch on my deck a few minutes ago when my neighbour came carting out truckloads of them into the street. “Are those the chairs from NU?” I asked, dumbfounded. “Yup, I’m getting rid of them.” he replied, lifting one of the last into a truck. A part of me wanted to take one off his hands for a museum piece, but good sense prevailed. Where they’ll eventually end up, I do not know. But behold, Simba! The circle of life!


  • dani kreeft

    it’s true! those fucking chairs! this was hilarious to read.

  • Mike Babiarz


  • Ed

    I remember when the chairs showed up. Leonard, Keith and I were like, “Umm, okay. Shit” lol

  • Keith

    Those were hateful chairs. On my few visits to Nu, I would request a stackable chair from the patio.