Red Truck Brewing Co. Releases Limited Edition Steam Brew

September 29, 2010 

Red Truck Beer Co. is located at 1015 Marine Dr. in North Vancouver | 604-682-4733 |

Red Truck Beer Co. is located at 1015 Marine Dr. in North Vancouver | 604-682-4733 |

News from Scout supporter Red Truck Beer Company:

Vancouver, BC | Red Truck Brewing Co. Releases it’s newest Limited Release Beer – Red Truck Steam Beer. This 5% amber lager is a deep reddish brown , having a light fruit aroma, followed by a sharp, clean hop bitterness and a lingering, light caramel aftertaste.

Steam Beers were popularized during the California gold rush, where there was a desire for lagers, as it was a popular style, yet could not be made due to a lack of refridgeration. The solution was to warm ferment these lagers, which gave it a bit of ale and lager character. This “hybid” method is now an uniquely American style of beer.

Available in October at The Alibi Room, Boneta, The Flying Tiger, Mis Trucos, St Augustine’s, The Sunset Grill and Central Bistro.

About Red Truck Beer

Red Truck Beer is built on the values of a simpler time when bars only served beer and whiskey, when trucks were working vehicles and not status symbols, and when business deals were sealed with a handshake and a toast rather than lawyers and email.

The Red Truck Brewing Co has been one of the fastest growing breweries in BC over it’s 5 years in business. Born out of the Brewpub world but operated and raised independently by Director Sam Payne and Dave “Da Brewa” Varga, Red Truck is a North Vancouver operation with a 5 person staff that is focused of making and delivering the freshest beer available.

About the only thing we like more than making beer and enjoying it ourselves is sharing it with those who appreciate the difference that comes with being delivered fresh. Shift over to Red Truck and you’ll see what we mean.


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