Vij’s Moving To Cambie, Original Location To See New Concept…


Ahhhhhhh! One of my favourite restaurants in the world, Vij’s, is shutting down and moving shop!

Relax, it’s not for a while. Owner/chef Vikram Vij bought the space at 15th and Cambie (3128 Cambie) three years ago (currently tenanted to Well Travel Ltd) and he will be inserting Vij’s into the new address in roughly a year. The move will increase the seat count up to 85 from 65, which means fewer royals, celebs, and off-the-street punters will have to wait outside for a table (and you know they will). The extra interesting double plus super good news is that Vikram and his wife Meeru are definitely going to be opening a brand new concept different from the original in their storied South Granville location. I tried prying some details from Vikram about it over the phone this morning, but he wasn’t giving an inch. Needless to say, we’re freakin’ stoked.

PS. His more casual quickie next door, Rangoli, will remain untouched and awesome.

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  1. Sure wish he would do something about the state of this building. It’s a disgrace. I hope the city slaps him with a fine. Get a grip VJ….get a grip

  2. Not sure what’s going on with the new location neither, but we see it everyday, and it’s becoming dilapidated, with graffiti and ad posters strewn all over the building surfaces and windows. Not exactly a good way to generate good publicity for Vij.

  3. I wish I could get a grip on these two scholars and knock their heads together.

    d – spell the man’s name right, and don’t use the saying ‘get a grip’, ever (certainly not twice in one sentence fragment).

    LR – you are unknowingly making the same point of the first knob, and I hate to break it to you, but VV is doing ok in the pub dept. last time I checked.

    Cambie St is far from some cosmopolitan district of the city at the moment. There are plenty of buildings that could use a facelift, the only difference is this one will actually get done within the year, and the whole street will benefit from their new neighbors.

  4. Hello!!

    I’m a big fan of Vij’s and is exciting to see this new concept.

    Mr. Vikram, if you read this – I would love to work for you. I have many years in the hospitality business and I will be a great asset to add to your serving team. I will drop off a resume as soon as I return from my traveling in the second week of May 2012.

    Thank you!!!!