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On Winning The War On Drugs And NIMBYs Eating Their Young


by Sean Orr | Quality of life: Controversial Vancouver homeless plan for former Quality Inn draws huge crowds and ire. “Once the room reached capacity, about 85 people were left waiting in a line-up that stretched out the hotel door onto Howe Street.” Oh my god! Imagine being left out on the street without a voice? The horror! “It’s going to be a huge transient community with people that don’t have a tie to the neighbourhood…” Sort of like…a hotel? Also, what about the huge group of people that had no ties to the neighbourhood that moved into Yaletown after Expo 86? Best comment: “But I thought homeless shelters were like monster generators in World Of Warcraft”? – Jay Harmer

The Kids Are Alright (as long as they aren’t in my neighbourhood): Residents raise the alarm over youth recovery house opening in East Vancouver neighbourhood. A special place in hell. “Neighbours were told residents will have no history of arson or sexual violence involving children…” The same could not be said of course for EVERY SINGLE OTHER RESIDENT in the area.

The NPA single-handedly wins the war on drugs: Vancouver’s Next Mayor? LaPointe commits to shutting down notorious Hastings and Main drug market. Captian Kirk to the rescue! Because black markets like this totally won’t migrate to somewhere else or anything…

Meanwhile, Bruce “I got hit in the head really hard over and over” Allen says homeless people aren’t citizens and gives kudos to Burnaby and Surrey for dragging their feet on shelters: Reality Check.

So you don’t want them in shelters, and you don’t want them to set up tents. What do you want? Wait, don’t answer that question. Surrey boots homeless from camp. Yeah, I mean…look at how beautiful that parcel of land is that those greedy people are destroying.

Silly us! Thinking that we could have it in anyway resemble how good the boomers had it: Shelley Fralic: Housing affordability in Metro Vancouver — Is the real issue our expectations? Ah yes, Lowered Expectations.

Sacred cows make the best burgers: Barbara Yaffe: City of Vancouver likes your home, so now it’s worth $500,000 less. That sounds like a lot, but on a 3 million dollar lot that’s only 15%. You can’t be against density, monster homes, and heritage preservation at the same time, daft people.

Province’s Sale of Family and Seniors’ Housing in Downtown Eastside Opposed by Residents. “The ‘Militant Mothers of Raymur’ had to take to the streets in 1971 to protect the safety and future of their children. The residents of Raymur will act now to protect their homes and community…” Stevie Wilson, can your next article be about this?

Related, unfortunately: Settler & pioneer “heritage hipster” styles in the age of Idle No More, Chinatown gentrification. TL:DR. Besides, we did it better.

OK, sorry…this is the last Jian Somessy thing that I will post, but clearly the most important: Facebook live statistics.

You guys ready to get weird? Campaign trail tarred with ‘gay serum’ rumour.

Weirdest new restaurant name? Invitro.

Bonus: Mac DeMarco stars as Dave Fuck in The Backer.

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  1. So when its the “Militant Mother’s of Raymur” making statements like “We are scared this will mean our housing will go downhill — more people with issues moving in next to families and seniors.” is OK because they are not wealthy NIMBY’s who own their own property near proposed homeless shelters and recovery houses?
    Or how about their statement that they “had no notice that this was going to happen. BC Housing is a key partner and we would expect with something this monumental, that there would be a community process.” Sounds identical to what the residents near Howe Street and Renfrew are frustrated by.
    Hypocrisy much? Just saying.

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