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HONOUR BOUND: Four Clever Vancouverites Present Their Favourite Videos At “Ryeberg”

Ryeberg is setting up in Vancouver for its first live show. It’s an evening out where you get to have a couple drinks, watch a few YouTube videos, and listen to smart people talk about them. They are Miriam Toews, bestselling author of “A Complicated Kindness” and “Irma Voth”; Charles Demers, stand-up comedian, author of “Vancouver Special”; Michael Turner, poet, critic, and author of “Hard Core Logo” and “The Pornographer’s Poem”; and Stephen Osborne, publisher of Geist Magazine and author of “Ice & Fire: Dispatches From The New World.” Check it out

Tuesday,  March 6 |  Show at 8pm (Doors at 7pm) | The Waldorf Hotel (1489 E Hastings) | $12 @ the door

Honour Bound details the many cool things that we feel honour bound to check out because they either represent Vancouver exceptionally well or are inherently super awesome in one way or another. 

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