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GOODS: Hawkshaw Salmon Arrives From The Skeena To False Creek’s “C Restaurant”

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 | www.crestaurant.com

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | On Friday, C Restaurant received its first shipment of Hawkshaw salmon, recently reeled in from British Columbia’s storied Skeena River. Chefs Lee Humphries and Robert Clark are gleefully butchering the first batch, preparing it for C’s clients, who will be some of the only diners in the Lower Mainland to dine on the succulent catch. It is because of Clark’s personal relationship with fisher-people Fred and Linda Hawkshaw that he was able to secure this hard-to-get, bracingly fresh fish. The Hawkshaw’s “tangle net” technology, combined with live kill techniques, produces the most environmentally friendly and highest quality wild salmon catch in the province.


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