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GOODS: David Suzuki At “C” To Celebrate The Restoration Of A First Nations Fishery

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 | www.crestaurant.com

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | On Thursday, November 10th, C Restaurant is throwing a dinner hosted by sustainability titan David Suzuki. The evening is a fundraiser for the DSF and C’s burgeoning not-for-profit, the C Blue Foundation, a grassroots initiative by Harry Kambolis and Chef Robert Clark to raise essential funds to protect lakes, rivers, streams, beaches and oceans. The DSF and C Restaurant collaboration has netted an exceptional partner, the Lake Babine First Nation reserve fishery. Back when Rome was a mere village, the Lake Babine people operated traditional salmon weirs on their lake and river, harvesting hundreds of thousands of sockeye a year. Tragically, their traditional fishery was extinguished in 1906 by the Canadian government, to make room for an industrial coastal fishery. It devastated an entire way of life. This past summer, the Nation recreated their fishery, in partnership with Skeena Wild Conservation Trust, Raincoast Trading of Vancouver, and RiverWild Seafoods of Terrace. It has become the second largest sustainable sockeye fishery in British Columbia. Chef Lee’s menu will feature the Nation’s sockeye prominently.

“We are honoured to serve the salmon caught with great care and pride by the Lake Babine Nation,” says Kambolis. “The rebirth of their fishery is monumental and their story and achievements are synergistic with the mandate and dreams of our new foundation.”

Also a featured player at the dinner: Summerhill Pyramid Winery. Ezra Cipes of the Kelowna winery and C sommelier Kim Cyr will compose the wine pairings to complement Chef Lee’s menu. About 80% of the total grapes used in Summerhill’s production are certified organic, and the rest are in a transitional organic status on their way to being certified.

To reserve your seat at this multi-course dinner with wine pairings, please telephone the restaurant at 604-681-1164 or email [email protected] with “Suzuki” in the subject line.

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  1. This is great stuff! A return to more terminal fishing is the only truely precautionary way to manage our salmon fisheries. There has been too much rhetoric about the viability of in-river salmon fisheries, the quality, and the risk to industry. These fish provide a valueable high quality food source that like other river salmon fisheries around the Pacific northwest have provided healthy sustenance to people for thousands of years – today it makes management of salmon fisheires simpler, reduces mixed-stock fishing making them more sustainable, and it takes less fossil fuel to catch them (in fact it takes no fossle fuels for these fish to be harvested in weirs). I say congradulations to Harry Kambolis, Chef Robert Clark and the Lake Babine First Nation for your initiative, and to C restaraunt for boldly going where few restaraunts dare! Lets hope that others follow suit soon.