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Glowbal Group To Double Down On Alberni St. With New “Coast”

I took a quick look at Coast‘s new, 200 seat Alberni St. digs a few days ago. It’s massive, with soaring ceilings, a large lounge area, and a broad mezzanine.The seafood restaurant, part of Emad Yacoub’s multi- location empire (The Glowbal Group), appears to be coming along nicely – on track for a July opening. If you’d told me three years ago (pre-Italian Kitchen and Market) that Alberni would become a hot little restaurant stretch I would have probably guffawed. Moral: never guffaw. More photos after the leap


The original Coast, still in operation in Yaletown on the same block that has killed off five restaurants in three years, should close at some point in June to pave way for the Big Move. No word yet as to what Emad wants to do with the old space, but word is his plans for a sports bar there have been scrapped.

UPDATE: A commenter points us to City Food, where Rhonda May has plenty more details.

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  1. I liked the first Coast. It’s sad to see what happened to Yaletown. It’s gotten really gross since Earls came in.