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Gang Releases Over 1,000 Cockroaches In Taipei Restaurant During Dinner Rush

This news story from Taiwan should make us glad the recent spate of violent Lower Mainland gang activity has yet to involve cockroaches…

(via) Focus Taiwan quotes Taipei Police Commissioner Chen Jia-chang as saying five members of a crime ring called Bamboo Union released over 1,000 of the critters in a restaurant during the dinner rush last week because the owner of the restaurant in question (ironically named ‘G House’) was heavily indebted to their organisation:

Chen condemned the behavior and called it an act of violence, similar to attacking people with excrement or paint, adding that those convicted will be dealt with in accordance with law.

Yu Yung-lien (余永廉), deputy chief of the Zhongshan Police sub-station, said two men in black broke into the restaurant and tossed more than 1,000 small roaches — the type fed to fish — into the air near a counter on the second floor at 7:24 p.m. Monday […]

Based on footage from surveillance cameras, police have targeted five suspects, four men and a woman, he said. Two of them were responsible for dumping the roaches in the restaurant, two were on the lookout outside and one was a driver. They left the location in different directions and different vehicles to avoid police surveillance, but Yu said the police will arrest them.

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